Benefits - SalesMath

Turn selling into science

Some consider selling to be an art form, and we know firsthand that a good pitch can be poetic. However, when it comes down to increasing your sales and scaling your business, you need to have a repeatable process which is continuously being tested and improved. We use AI (artificial intelligence) based analysis and custom algorithms to analyze your sales team's performance and empower their creativity.

Pinpoint missed opportunities

Identify true training needs so you can actually fix weak behavior.

Highlight strong practices

Find out what is actually working and clone your top performers.

Turn “knowing” into “doing.”

When you have scientific evidence and real examples of what really works, your sales team is way more likely to turn knowledge into execution. Numbers and results speak often louder than opinions.

Validate tactics

Your reps know, what to do but they’re not doing what they know?

Demonstrating sales techniques in action will increase the likelyhood that they will actually be picked up.

Ramp new hires faster

SalesMath will help your new reps shadow hundreds of sales calls on their first day.

Measure it to improve it

AI does calculations that would be nearly impossible to even the most talented human being. Even if you would be able to do them yourself, Salesmath would still save you a whole bunch of time.

Gamification leads to motivation

Fuel the competitive drive of your sales reps through automated statistics.

Measure coachability

Get detailed statistics on the time each sales rep has spent on self-improvement.

Most Popular Features

  • Listen / talk ratio
  • Interruption detection 
  • Conversation pace
  • Monologue / dialogue detection
  • Success rate prediction
  • Activity dashboard
  • Best practice library
  • Timestamped feedback
  • Advanced access rights

Reinvent your sales

Our paid plans start at only $49 / month.