How this works.

Your sales conversations hold a lot of valuable information. Here's how we help you uncover and use it.

Share sales conversations

Collaborate with your team

Get help from AI

Create best practice libraries

Share sales conversations among your team

Share sales conversations among your team

Upload audio and video recordings to SalesMath and choose who gets access to them.

We also integrate with a growing range of CRMs, call dialers, call recordings systems, and video conferencing platforms.

Analyze and comment

Analyze and comment

Collaborate with your team and highlight both best practices and biggest opportunities for growth. You can add time-based comments which make the feedback easier to both give and receive.

Our AI-powered features will give you additional insights into your sales reps’ performance.

AI-powered analytics

AI-powered analytics

SalesMath helps you measure different aspects of the conversation (e.g. listen/talk ratio). We’ll focus on the math so you can focus on the sales.

Best practice libraries

Best practice libraries

Shine the light on what separates your top performers from the middle of the pack. Then create libraries and share those calls so everyone understands clearly what they should strive for.

Best practice libraries are also perfect for onboarding new sales reps!

  • Highlight strong practices

    Find out what is actually working and clone your top performers.

  • Timestamped feedback

    Pinpoint key moments and add comments to create learning opportunities for your whole team.

  • AI-powered calculations

    AI does calculations that would be nearly impossible to even the most talented human being. If you would be able to do them yourself, Salesmath would still save you a whole bunch of time.

Improve your sales conversations

Do you know what actually goes on in your team’s sales conversations? What are your sales reps saying and how are customers responding to it? SalesMath will help you pinpoint missed opportunities and highlight strong practices.

Find out what is working and what is not so you can clone your top performers and fix weak behaviour.

Time-efficient sales enablement

Create a flexible, efficient and scalable feedback loop to develop your sales reps.

Stop shadowing calls and meetings. Instead review audio and video recordings when it’s convenient for you. You are totally in control of the process: it’s possible to skip, accelerate or rewind different parts of the conversation.

Collaborate with your team and create content that will serve you for years.

  • Maximize revenue per rep and ramp new hires faster

    Get your team up to speed by giving them a “highlight reel” of what great selling sounds like. You probably also want to add some examples of what to avoid.

  • Enable self-coaching and peer learning

    Give your team the tools, knowledge and motivation to collaborate. They will improve their skills through both giving and receiving feedback.

  • Encourage self-development

    Get detailed statistics on the time each sales rep has spent on self-improvement.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

We use AI (artificial intelligence) based analysis and custom algorithms to analyze your sales team's performance and empower their creativity.

Listen / talk ratio

Are your reps talking too much or too little?

Interruption detection

Are your reps interrupting customers or are they good listeners?

Monologue / dialogue detection

Telling is not selling. Are your customers actually engaged in the conversation?

"SalesMath has been an invaluable tool for us. It has helped us increase our closing rates and Net Promoter Score (NPS) while decreasing the workload of our managing staff! Thanks to SalesMath, our onboarding process has become at least four times more effective which means we can recruit and retain more talent. I highly recommend SalesMath to every sales team!"
Andres Kiviselg
Sales Coach

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